The Standard Terms and Conditions...

These are our standard terms and conditions for all orders places with Craving Cupcakes.

In order to secure the date and book your order, we require payment in full on placing your order for cupcakes.


For custom cakes, 50% non refundable, non transferable deposit which is to be paid within 24 hours of Craving Cupcakes confirming your booking (unless otherwise agreed).  The balance is due 10 business days prior to pick up/ delivery into our account.  IF your date falls within this time frame, then this needs to be paid in full with the same terms as a deposit.

Any changes/ additions may incur additional costs.  Please note no refunds or transfers are given unless decided by management.  Craving Cupcakes takes no responsibility for any damages caused once the order has been delivered. However if there is a situation we will do our best to help but this may be at a cost (at managements discretion). We do use a support system in our cakes as required for extra support. 

Any order we do is open to artistic impression as our orders are all custom made by hand and no two cake artists are the same, nor two products.  We do our best to match colours however at times this is not possible so we will do our best to get it as close as possible.

Please use your name, the event type, the date the order is for as the references on making payment. Please also let us know once you have paid so we can start our paperwork. (Unless paid through our website).

Some times we are given the pleasure of being forwarded amazing videos and or photos of customers with our product/ or of our product- as we also think these images are amazing we reserve the right to use them for advertising/ marketing unless otherwise advised- we do normally ask first however if you send us some please advise if this is ok or not. Generally this is on our website or facebook page/ instagram.  

Our bank details will be emailed to you on confirmation. (Unless paid online). Any payment is accepting all terms and conditions.

On delivery you may need to allow a few minutes for us to explain any non edibles, structure that is in your order.  Your order will come boxed accordingly for travel. The safest place for transporting it is on the floor of the car or boot to keep it as flat as possible to avoid any damage should you need to transport your order anywhere.

In summer please have air con on cold and in winter heating off. DO NOT leave your order in the car under any circumstances. The cupcakes/cake will melt and this can happen faster than you think. As per my terms and conditions above Craving Cupcakes will not be held accountable for any damage.

Most of the orders we do cannot be put in a fridge. The fridge will melt fondant and edible images and make it sticky and wet. Also cupcakes and cake are not generally pleasant to eat when fridge cold.  They also need to be kept out of the sunlight and heat. They are made of fresh ingredients and ganache/ buttercream and fondant melts. We will advise if it needs to go in the fridge otherwise. Putting your deluxe cupcakes in a fridge may effect the toppings/ colours. Should Craving Cupcakes set up your order, we do not take responsibility for any issues that may arrise due to any part of the display including but not limited to placement, warmth/ heat/ sun, stability, mother nature of any form. 

Edible images- we are not responsible for any colour variations and or quality of any edible images. Any photo/ logo must be provided to us when requested in order to have them made in time for orders- the edible images are hand cut and attached to a disc of fondant so that your image/ logo stands proud on the cupcake or with cakes this will depend on the design but on the most part they are attached to a fondant backing to preserve the image. 

Vouchers/ Discounts: Vouchers / Discounts of any kind are subject to the above terms and conditions. Cannot be used in conjunction of any other specials/ sales/ offers or bulk orders where a discount has already been given. Valid for one use only and is not for sale, transferable nor is it exchangeable for cash and is non-refundable. Not valid for wedding orders or tastings. Any booking is subject to availability. Voucher is for said flavours/ colours/ design or as decided by Craving Cupcakes and delivered locally (unless otherwise advised on the voucher). Any changes including to dairy/ gluten etc free will be an extra charge. Any discounts do not apply to any third party- such as but not limited to laser cut toppers, dolls/ toys/ fresh flowers/ florists/ edible images/ courier fees. Voucher / Discount must be declared on first contact and or as requested when ordering online. Vouchers cannot be used as a deposit of an order- should the order total more than the voucher the balance must be paid as the deposit, then the voucher the balance.

Paying the deposit/ or in full/ any payment in any form is accepting of these terms and conditions.

So much care and love goes into everything we make so we hope you enjoy them as much as we do making them. Please feel free to tag us and share any pictures you have of the event/ order.